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Eliminates the need to use scissors or slitters when sampling blood bank segments
Safely punctures segments with minimal hemolysis
Eliminates the need to dilute blood in a separate test tube because it incorporates its own container.
Eliminates the need for a transfer pipette because its spout produces Calibrated drops for typing and cross matching
Compatible with standard centrifuge
Eliminates aerosols! Saves processing time! Reduces disposables!
Description: The SEG-SAFE™ is to be used in Blood Banks for the purpose of safely accessing fluid from a segment, creating a cell suspension, and dispensing calibrated drops. The device is comprised of a protected stainless steel cannula for puncturing the segment, a soft plastic body for holding the cell suspension, and a spout for dispensing calibrated drops. The device is NOT sterilized. 

Indications: This device is intended as a safe and efficient means to process segments in the Blood Bank for blood grouping/typing or cross-matching. The device can be spun in standard centrifuges for 12x75mm sized test tubes. 

Contraindications: This is a single-use device and is NOT designed to be cleaned and reused. The device is NOT designed to be used in automatic cell washers. The SEG-SAFE™ is NOT sterilized. 

Disposal: The SEG-SAFE™ should be disposed of in appropriate bio-hazard containers. Limitations: Hemolysis may occur when using this product, The likelihood of hemolysis increases if the blood in the segment is clotted or if the segment is excessively squeezed during piercing. 


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