• Hold segment gently. Do not squeeze!
  • Insert segment into SEG-SAFE™ and push it onto the cannula.
  • Gently squeeze segment until drops flow through the cannula.
  • Remove segment and add diluent directly to SEG-SAFE™
Helpful Hints:

1. To minimize hemolysis, DO NOT SQUEEZE the segment while pushing it onto the cannula. (Aggressive squeezing pressurizes the segment and can cause the blood to squirt past the cannula during piercing, which may cause hemolysis.) 

2. If the segment is difficult to pierce, alter the location where the cannula punctures the segment. The cannula point can be moved by squeezing the SEG-SAFE™ in the region where the cannula is held by glue. 

  • Insert SEG-SAFE™ into standard centrifuge for 12x75mm size test tubes. 
  • Remove carefully from centrifuge. 
  • Point the spout inward toward the center of the centrifuge. 
  • Tilt the SEG-SAFE™ at an angle during removal. 
Helpful Hints:

1. If the centrifuge is equipped with retaining clips inside of the tube holders, care must be taken so that the clips do not dig into the plastic of the SEG-SAFE™ as this may break the clip or rupture the SEG-SAFE The above directions regarding spout orientation and angling the SEG-SAFE™ during removal avoid this problem. 

2. The SEG- SAFET is not designed for use in automatic cell washers. 

  • Pour the excess fluid out of the SEG-SAFE™ while KEEPING THE SPOUT POINTING UPWARDS. 
  • (The cells are kept at the bottom of the device by the lower dimple during pouring.) 
Helpful Hints:

1. The spout must remain clear for proper pouring. (Keeping the spout pointing upwards during decanting prevents it from becoming clogged with fluid.) 

2. If decanting is performed after dispensing drops, the spout is likely to become clogged and proper pouring might not occur. 

3. As with test tubes, it may be necessary to tap the SEG-SAFE™ to remove excess fluid which remains after pouring. 

  • To dispense the diluted mixture, FIRST COVER THE TOP WITH GLOVED FINGER. Covering the top creates an air lock which prevents the specimen from contaminating the finger and vice versa.

  • Point the spout into a test tube and gently squeeze the SEG-SAFE™. The drops are calibrated at 25 per ml (+/- 5 drops per ml).
Helpful Hints:

There is a plastic tab connected to the spout of the SEG-SAFE™. This tab helps to center the spout inside the test tube and to prevent the spout from contacting the test tube while dispensing drops.

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