How is the DIFF-SAFE® Packaged?
  • The basic package for the DIFF-SAFE®, #101, is a PACK which contains 1000 pieces - (10 bags of 100 pieces).
  • A CASE consists of 10 PACKs, or 10,000 pieces.
  • There is also a BULK CASE, #125. This packaging contains 25,000 DIFF-SAFE® just poured into a large plastic bag with some empty plastic boxes included, so the users can dip into the large bag and fill and refill the boxes as they need.

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Is there a minimum order of DIFF-SAFE® from Alpha?
  • Yes, A minimum order is one PACK. However, most distributors will permit purchase of a BAG of 100.
Is there a price break based on volume buying of DIFF-SAFE®?
  • The price per PACK is reduced at 5 PACKs and further reduced at 10 PACKs, (10 PACKs is called a CASE)
How is the SEG-SAFET Packaged?
  • A PACK (or BAG) of SEG-SAFE™ #201 contains 250 pieces.
  • A CASE contains 20 BAGs, or 5000 pieces

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Is there a minimum order of SEG-SAFET?
  • Minimum order of SEG-SAFE™ is 2 BAGs.
Is there a price break for volume buying of SEG-SAFET?
  • There is a reduction in price per BAG when buying a CASE.
How do you ship the orders?
  • Unless the buyer requests other shipping, we ship UPS Ground: the freight cost is prepaid and added to the invoice.
Does the DIFF-SAFE® or SEG-SAFET contain any Latex?
  • NO! Neither DIFF-SAFE® nor SEG-SAFE™ contain any Latex.
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